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The Food Allergy Kit

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If you feel bloated, have indigestion, a leaky gut, or even have headaches, migraines, and/or depression, this may be the Kit for you, apart from known sensitivities or allergies to basic foods.



The Food Allergy Kit contains the first 7 vials from The Allergy Kit, plus certain foods.

When you eliminate these allergens or sensitivities, you become more aware of other allergies you may have, by feeling better so if you eat something that’s not good for you, you will realize it’s not good for you and you can either avoid that food or eliminate the allergy to it.

The Food Allergy Kit contains the first 7 foundational vials.

These vials always have to be done first, and in order:

  • Stress Vial: targets symptoms and reactions to all allergens. It is used with each process and can also be used by itself if there is stress.
  • Vial 1: targets chicken, egg, milk, cheese, calcium, vitamin C and parasites
  • Vial 2: targets sugar and B vitamins
  • Vial 3: targets heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins and petroleum products
  • Vial 4: targets vaccines
  • Vial 5: targets candida and sugar
  • Vial 6: targets wheat, gluten, and other grains including corn
  • Vial 7: Includes vials 1 - 6 plus organs and endocrines
  • Protein
  • Fish Mix
  • Acid/Base
  • Nut Mix
  • Soy
  • Veggies
  • Weight Management

Many people react to protein, often without knowing why they feel bloated, gassy and maybe even have heartburn!

Fish Mix
Many people react to fish. It could also be due to an Iodine allergy if it comes from saltwater fish.

There are many people and kids who are allergic to soy. Soy is in many products, but we’re often unaware of it. Many baby formulas contain soy. It is also a cooling product, that can affect the thyroid and thus other hormones, and not very good for babies! Non Organic soy is one of the most toxic beans you can consume.


For acid reflux and heartburn. A common sensation of heartburn, or acid reflux disease, can be caused by eating acid foods with alkaline foods like meat and potatoes, or a hamburger on a bun. This is the staple food in most households, and understandable not normally related to this fact.

Nut Mix
Tree Nut allergy is one of the eight most common allergies.

Weight Management
This vial balances blood sugar, which is involved in many illnesses and disorders, not only pre-diabetes and diabetes! All the organs and endocrines are affected when the blood sugar fluctuates - Thyroid disorders are high on the list, close to diabetes!

This vial also helps with feeling hungry and feeling full, which means to stop when you’re full! It also helps with food cravings.

It should be used together with each vial, i.e. #1 plus the Stress vial, plus the Weight management vial.

The Allergy Kit includes a 635nm Healing laser. The laser contains light-emitting semiconductor chips driven by a low-voltage power supply with a wavelength of 635nm. Laser at this wavelength is the exact vibration of a healthy living cell and easily stimulates acupuncture points.

We offer The Allergy Kit™ 30-day Money Back Guarantee on this kit.


The Food Allergy Kit