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With some NAET it seems like you just keep doing it forever... but your website looked like it wasn't a forever protocol... can you further explain?


If the foods you eat every day are the cause of other allergies, our first 7 vials, and somehow they come back, those have to be treated again. Can be from stress, (that's why we have a stress vial), or from leaky gut, or from candida, it will come back. There are many other reasons, but those are the most important.


If I was a NAET practitioner and you needed lots of treatments , (NAET has to treat them individually), it would not look good to say, " Oh, we have to go back and treat chicken again, charge you again and proceed to the big list after you have cleared it. You wouldn't like that and would probably not finish the treatments because it feels like you are getting ripped off. I was treated for that and now he wants to treat me again and charge me again, and I am feeling worse, not better.


Our approach gives you the vials so you can treat yourself if that problem arises with a five minute treatment. No extra payment, no driving. You get the idea. And if you can treat yourself for stress whenever is needed, that helps all areas of your life. Some treat themselves whenever they feel 'the symptoms' coming back. And the thing that you haven't addressed, not only can you treat yourself again in less than 10 minutes, you can treat the whole family.


If I use the premium laser, do I still have to wait 2 days between treatments?


Yes. It is important to allow the body to come back into homeostasis before going on to the next vial. Lots of things are changing as we eliminate your allergies. We need to allow these changes to set, similar to concrete, that creates a new foundation for a healthier you that we can build upon.
I'm only allergic to a couple of the vials. Do I have to do all the vials?
Yes. Even though you believe that you are not allergic to items in a specific vial, do not skip any vials. Many times you can be allergic to something and have no overt reaction. But it will still negatively affect your immune system. Therefore we recommend that you do all the vials in the specific order. This will strengthen the immune system which will improve your results.


Do I have to do the vials in a specific order?


Yes. Each vial builds on the previous one strengthening the immune system and training the body to respond in a new and better way. We ask you to follow a specific protocol to strengthen and build up the immune system. Like building a house, you must start with a good foundation, then build on top of that. This is why the order is important. And since you eat foods all the time, if these foods are disrupting your electrical system, it is wise to fix that first.


Which method is better to use, the tapping method or the laser.


Both methods are very effective. Before we introduced the laser, thousands of people were successfully treated using the tapping method. When we communicated with them, many said they didn't finish. So we decided to offer a faster, easier way to eliminate their allergies. The laser only takes a minute or 2 compared to the tapping method that takes about 5 minutes. Sometimes the body responds better to one method or the other. Therefore we offer both methods.


I have allergies real bad. Can I do both methods in the same treatment.


No. When speaking to the people that wanted to return the kit, we found that the majority did both methods in a row and in the same treatment. So, for that reason alone, we ask that you do one or the other. You can try both but not in the same treatment and see which works better for you.


I am allergic to cats and got your cat vial. When do I do that vial.


All additional vials should be done after you've finished the first 7 vials. Lots of changes take place during these first couple of weeks and we want those changes integrated before moving on to the next phase.


I see in The Allergy Kit has more than just foods. Why did you put things like vaccines and vaccinations, heavy metals and iron, pesticides and petroleum products in The Allergy Kit?


We have seen dramatic improvements using these additional non food items in our office and felt that most people will see dramatic improvements in their health by including them. These non food items have such a negative effect on the body and if you are allergic to them, and most people are, you'll see massive positive changes treating these allergies. Vaccines and vaccinations seem to improve behavior, such as ADD and ADHD, hyperactivity and concentration. Heavy metals and pesticides are treated because, when you're allergic to them, your body has a problem identifying and eliminating them from the body. Just by doing this vial, your body will start a detox program with lasting benefits.


How do I know if I should do a vial again?


You should do the vial again if you were supposed to abstain from something and you either ate or even touched it before the 25 hours were up. If this happens, you don't have to wait. You can start over right then and there. If, after finishing the treatment, you feel that it didn't work or have tried a very small amount and still have a reaction, you should do that vial again. If the reaction is still there after repeating the vial, then go on to the next vial and do that vial again after you have finished all of the other vials. Remember, this is not a race. It took a long time go acquire these allergies. It might take longer than you think to get rid of them. The good thing is, the kit lasts for years and you can treat yourself whenever you need it.


Can you get a reaction from doing a vial?


It is possible but not probable. The reaction is no worse than being exposed to the allergen. We have also safeguards to do if you should experience a negative reaction. Usually, if there is a reaction, it is typically your body realigning and balancing and doing a slight cleanse and detox.


Is there a limit to how many times each vial can be used? Will it last forever.


Forever is a very long time. We've had vials that we've used in our office for over 12 years and on thousands of patients. They will probably last another 12 years and will not weaken with age. Our original vials work just as well as ones we made last week.


Can the same vial be used on more than one person in one day? Or do the vials have to rest also?


You can treat as many people as you want with the vials, right after another, there is no resting period needed.


Do you have to keep the vials away from energy sources such as computers, microwaves, TVs, phones?


Since we are using energy medicine, it is advisable to keep them away from those things. But we have had people that have inadvertently taken home the vials after the treatment, put them in their purse for a week, (with their cell phone) and when returned, still work. We have also taken the kits on a plane, where they Xray them and they still work. But I would avoid it as much as possible.


Are there any people that shouldn't use this?


People that are very sensitive should go slowly so their body can come back into balance before moving on to the next vial. The worst thing that can happen, is it doesn't work. We do have a protocol that you can use if you are getting a reaction to the treatment, to lessen the bodies rapid balancing that sometimes can be uncomfortable.


After finishing the first 7 vials, is there any special order to follow for the extra vials that may be needed?


Once you've successfully gone through The Allergy Kit, you can treat those other vials in any order.


The manual says to abstain for 25 hours and then take the next day off. That's 2 days off. But can you wait longer between treatments?


Yes, you can wait as long as you like between treatments.