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The Environmental Allergy Kit

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Many people are allergic to Mold and may have to repeat this process regularly.

It also contains Bacteria and Viruses and can be used when and if you feel you’re coming down with something.

Pollen, weed, and grass allergies are self-explanatory, as well as to trees/wood.

Dust and dust mites are something many, many individuals have an allergy to and sneeze and sneeze.

Children, who wake up during the night, or in the morning with difficulties breathing and eventually develop asthma have an allergy to dust mites. They don’t need antibiotics - they need to eliminate the allergy to dust!

The Environmental Allergy Kit Treats the most common allergies to food, toxins and vaccines. The Deluxe Kit also includes four additional vials to treat the most common environmental allergies. Includes:
  • Red Cold Laser
  • Stress Vial: targets symptoms and reactions to all allergens
  • Vial 1: targets chicken, egg, milk, cheese, calcium, vitamin C and parasites
  • Vial 2: targets sugar and B vitamins
  • Vial 3: targets heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, toxins and petroleum products
  • Vial 4: targets vaccines
  • Vial 5: targets candida and sugar
  • Vial 6: targets wheat, gluten, and other grains, including corn
  • Vial 7: targets food combination allergens
  • Dust Mites Vial
  • Tree / Wood Mix Vial
  • Mold / Bacteria Virus Vial
  • Pollen / Weed / Grass Vial

The Allergy Kit Deluxe includes a 635nm Healing laser. The laser contains light-emitting semiconductor chips driven by a low-voltage power supply with a wavelength of 635nm. Laser at this wavelength is the exact vibration of a healthy living cell and easily stimulates acupuncture points.

*2 AA batteries included.



The Environmental Allergy Kit